KMC Z1 Wide Chain (1/8") (All Colours)

KMC Z1 Wide Chain (1/8″) (All Colours)


This was known as the Z510 before KMC changed the model name.

The KMC Z1 is fairly light but very strong and robust, ideal for a heavier or street rider.

Mushroom shaped headed pins help to prevent splayed and broken links.

9.6mm pin width.

1200kg max load capacity.

Supplied with a KMC joining link.

Nickel plated silver or gold finish.



Compatible with 1/8” sprockets only.








(112 links from factory)



385g (+/-)


Technical Information/Recommendation:

This chain will need to be cut to size for your bike.

We highly recommend replacing every 3-4 mouths of use due to Trials being very strenuous on your chain.

Cleaning and applying a good quality lubricant will prolong the life of your chain also making it roll, sound and feel better.

KMC supply you a joining link/quick link which is advised not to be used for Trials.



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KMC Z1 Wide Chain (1/8") (All Colours)

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