EBC XT/Saint/Zee Disc Pads

EBC XT/Saint/Zee Disc Pads


Red Pads

These are also known as downhill pads.

These red back pads have extra high in friction but still an organic pad for use on all types of rotors.

The intention for the red back pad was for fast paced downhill runs. So the transition to trials riding is perfect.

There is no other type of pad that is softer and will have better grip.


Green Pads

These are also known as organic pads.

Green brake pads are a high quality organic formulation producing an excellent all round replacement pad.

Green pads have very low rotor abrasion.


Gold Pads

These are known as sintered pads.

Gold is sometimes considered to be among the best things in life and this is no different when it comes to brakes that have been sintered.

These brakes are deemed too have a longer life and are perfectly suited to riding in tough conditions and can cope better with mud, sand and even grit.

These pads are perfect if riding in sandy or wet places places.



Shimano XT, Saint and Zee.






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EBC XT/Saint/Zee Disc Pads

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